Departments and Specialities

The Rural Medicare Center is equipped with fully functional departments and specialties to comprehensively service the requirements of the community.

Dermatology and Venereology General Surgery
The department deals with all kinds of dermatological disorders. It is equipped with electrocautary, Cryo cautary, and UVB machines which help managing cases like Warts and other benign conditions. With modern UVB, cases like Generalized Psoriasis, Lichen planus, Vitiligo (white patches), generalized Prurigo, cutaneous T cell lymphomas and other skin conditions are managed appropriately. All kinds of open General surgical procedures as well as laparoscopic surgeries are being done.
ENT Internal Medicine
We provide comprehensive ear, nose, and throat checkup and conduct all types of major and minor ENT surgeries. We deal with all aspects of internal medicine such as cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, chest etc.
Ophthalmology Pathology
We provide comprehensive anterior and posterior segment checkup. We also conduct all major eye surgeries including small incision surgeries such as phakoemulisification. The department is equipped with modern, automatic analyzers for hematology and biochemistry. All pathological and histopathological tests are conducted. The laboratory deals with routine and special examination including cytology, Histopathology, and molecular tests on request.
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Anaesthesia
All kinds of obstetrics and Gynecological services are provided by a team of Gynecologists with many years of experience. The dept deals with High risk pregnancy cases ,Bad obstetrics cases, routine antennal and postnatal cases, all sorts of common gynecological problems, Gynecological endocrinology, Infertility, adolescent Gynecology, Gynecological cancer cases. It also provides Laparoscopic surgery besides routine minor and major Gynecological surgeries. Equipped with modern equipment to deal with all types of major & minor operations.
Orthopaedics & Physiotherapy Radiology & Ultrasound
All varities of trauma cases and chronic orthopedic disorders are managed by highly skilled orthopedic surgeons. The Dept also deals with Pediatric Orthopedic cases. It also has facilities for arthroscopy. Equipped with modern X-Ray plant to conduct all types of Radiological investigations and an Ultrasound Machine for ultrasonic examinations.
Paediatrics Community Health
We provide comprehensive health checkup of babies and children. All aspects of immunization of children and newborn are taken up. Our community health department focuses on disseminating knowledge of good public health practices including family planning, child nutrition etc. to underserved communities in the National Capital Region.
Dentistry Physiotherapy
Our experienced team of Dentists provides Dental care with modern technology and equipments follow the strict standards and personalized dental care. Services like Dental implants, Smile make-over, Cosmetic Dentistry, All braces, RCT; Kid’s Dentistry etc. are being provided by highly experienced Dentists. The department is run by well trained staffs under the direct supervision of vastly experienced physiotherapist.
  1. Short wave diathermy
  2. Ultrasonic therapy
  3. TENS
  4. IFT
  5. Cervical | Lumber traction
  6. Hot packs
  7. Shoulder wheel | ‘T’ Pulley
  8. Quadriceps Exerciser
  9. Manual Therapy
  10. Osteopathy treatment
  11. Spine adjustment
  12. Physiotherapy
  13. Wax Bath therapy